If you are looking for an academic publishing house specializing in publishing journals, Sciendo is here to help. We cooperate with around 300 universities, research institutes, academies of sciences, scholarly organizations, and other entities that have already used our services in terms of journal publishing. Our academic publishing services are extensive and can be easily adjusted to your needs and expectations.

Why us? 

Sciendo if one of the top scholarly journal publishers. Almost 500 scientific publications from over 40 different countries from all around the world benefit from our scholarly publishing solutions. Thanks to our revolutionary and innovative online publishing platform that receives 30,000 visits daily and over 6 million annually, we have managed to develop systems that provide our clients with services tailored to their needs.

Are you an editor looking for a reliable partner to release a paid access or an open access academic journal or an author seeking the best journals to publish research papers? Take a look at what we offer to journal editors and university rectors, as well as the extensive list of scholarly titles we collaborate with.

Publishing journals in different languages

What makes Sciendo special is the possibility to publish journals in multiple languages. Unlike most academic publishing houses, we are open to universities and all other types of organizations from all around the world that want to publish their international journals in the local languages. Currently we provide our services for titles available in:

  • English,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Italian,
  • Polish.

By choosing Sciendo, you can publish multiple scholarly journals in different languages in one place.

Types of academic journals we serve

As an academic journal publishing house, we are constantly adapting our services to our clients’ changing needs. We currently support the scholarly journal publishing models aimed at:

  • Open access journals – This publishing model enables readers to access the publication at no cost and can be freely read and shared by everyone. The publishing costs are typically borne by the owner of the publication or sponsoring institution. The model promotes the increased visibility and wider dissemination of the research results.
  • Paid access journals – Sciendo provides a full subscription management service for journals published in the traditional model. Journals pay us publishing fees and retain a majority of subscription net revenues.
  • Article Processing Charge (APC) model – Open access journals with a sufficient Impact Factor and indexing can publish without paying up-front fees. Extra income can be generated if the fees collected from authors exceed the journal publishing costs.

Available packages

The scholarly journal publishing services we offer are available in three different packages to choose from:

  • Standard – basic services facilitating journal publication,
  • Classic – services included in the Standard package as well as online submission and peer review system,
  • Premier – services included in the Classic package as well as production and editorial services, XML version, marketing extra package.

Take a look at the table below to compare packages and choose a package that suits your needs best:

Hosting platform

Online submission system

Typesetting and proofreading

Fulltext XML publication

Copyediting (heavy edit)

Wide electronic distribution

Content and journal indexing

Marketing Extra Package

When it comes to rates, we charge per each scholarly article published, and fees depend on the chosen package. Moreover, we offer a wide range of additional solutions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free publishing experience.

If you represent a university or other organization seeking a partner to publish all of some of your academic journals, books and other publications, you may also be interested in our White Label Publishing House services.

For more detailed information on our journal publishing services, please download the brochure or contact our representative to discuss the possible options for cooperation.