Sciendo, one of the leading academic book publishers, has prepared a unique offer for all universities, research institutes, academies of science, learned societies as well as individual authors who want to have their academic books published. With us, publishing a book is easier than you may think. Simply provide us with the content of the book, and we will handle the rest – quickly, efficiently and with due care.

Why Sciendo?

Being a part of the world-famous scholarly publishing house specializing in academic literature, De Gruyter, Sciendo, offers a full array of high-quality publishing solutions and services. We publish all kinds of academic books in English and can help you at every stage of publishing. Discover our full publishing services and join the authors and editors which have already been published by us.

Options to choose from

Universities and other research institutions which are willing to cover publishing fees for the publication of an academic book can always decide whether they want to sell it or make it accessible to everyone. We now offer two basic publication models destined for:

  • Open access books – With open access publishing, your book is always openly accessible to all potential readers. Each book which is published by us at is also available in the paid print-on-demand version.
  • Commercial books – Any academic book can also be published in a paid-access model. In this case, both e-book and print-on-demand books can be bought at, as well as through our partners globally.

Standard, Classic and Premier packages

As one of the most rapidly growing scholarly book publishers, Sciendo has prepared several publishing options for all authors and editors who are looking for a complete set of services necessary to successfully publish an academic book. Our full publishing solutions are divided into three packages:

  • Standard package – a set of basic publishing services, including a dedicated webpage, plagiarism checking, support in ISBN registration, indexing services and verification of the book files.
  • Classic package – includes all services from the Standard package, as well as advanced electronic copy production services.
  • Premier package – includes all services from the Classic package as well an ePub creation, heavy editing, extra marketing. This package is the most suitable if you are looking for comprehensive full-service support.

The table below shows the key elements of each package:

Hosting platform

ISBN registration

Typesetting and proofreading

ePub version

Print on demand and delivery

Copyediting (heavy edit)

Wide electronic distribution

Content and book indexing

Marketing Extra Package

If you are interested in our full publishing services for both paid and open access books, don’t hesitate to contact our representative. You can also download the brochure containing detailed information on the solutions offered by our scholarly publishing house.