If you want to successfully publish an academic book on your own terms, choose one of our most demanded flagship services – academic self-publishing. This is the best option if you don’t want the scholarly book publisher to impose any changes to the text or the publisher’s editors to interfere with your book content and visual appearance. Thanks to self-publishing you will be able to sell the book that meets all your criteria and looks exactly as you wish at minimal cost. Simply prepare a properly formatted, publishable book file, and we will do the rest.

Why us?

Sciendo is a world-class pioneer in academic book publishing. We are a part of the De Gruyter Group, which publishes more than 1,300 academic books each year. The collection of traditional and open access books published by De Gruyter includes more than 100,000 scholarly titles. We publish textbooks, monographs, edited volumes and other types of academic content and offer authors an extensive range of publishing services.

About academic self-publishing with Sciendo

By choosing academic self-publishing, you are able to receive a significant part of the sales revenues from the book. If you provide us with a ready-made publishable e-book file, we will launch it online, advertise, distribute and sell at no additional cost. When your book is sold, you will receive as much as 70% of the net revenues from sales.

Basic services

If your academic book is ready to publish, i.e. it is properly formatted to a publishable e-book file, you are entitled to use an array of our basic academic publishing services. These are provided by us at no additional cost and include the preparation of an individual website for your academic book as well as support in ISBN registration or distribution to retailers worldwide. In return, Sciendo will keep 30% of the net revenues from your book sales.

Are you interested in choosing Sciendo as your scholarly publisher? Please click here to discover the full scope of hosting, production, editorial, printing, abstracting and indexing, marketing and distribution services available for academic book authors and editors. For more information, please also download our brochure.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding academic self-publishing with Sciendo, please contact Klaudia Nowicka, Customer Service Specialist at Klaudia.Nowicka@sciendo.com.