I. Services your publication will benefit from at no extra cost 

If you decide to publish your journal, book or conference proceedings with Sciendo, you get the opportunity to benefit from an array of additional services which are available at no extra costs. These include abstracting and indexing, distribution, long-term preservation as well as a dedicated tool for plagiarism checks, so that editors can screen texts to be published. Read on to discover the scope of what we can do for you.  

1. Abstracting and indexing 

If you want your academic book, journal or proceedings to gain the recognition and become successful, you should make sure to make it searchable and findable to readers. Sciendo cooperates with all the major A&I service providers such as Clarivate, Scopus, PubMed and Medline, as well as a vast number of thematic indexes. As most of these indexes have their own requirements when it comes to indexing academic content, Sciendo has developed tools to pre-evaluate publications to assess whether they qualify for applications. Our support and expertise will help your publication to get approved for coverage and increase its discoverability, boosting citations and international attention. 

2. Distribution

Our scholarly publishing offer includes the content distribution to universities and libraries all across the globe. We will take care of the IP authorization to ensure that your academic book or journal reaches your target audience. 

3. Long-term preservation 

As a scholarly publisher, we make sure that your content is always preserved. Thanks to our cooperation with Portico, our archiving provider, journal articles, books and conference materials are safely stored on the external servers and backed up to ensure they remain available over the long term. 

4. Plagiarism

Before the publication of your academic journal, you may use our Similarity Check screening software which enables you to verify whether articles sent by authors are plagiarism-free. 

II. Services you can opt for to ensure the high quality of your publication 

In addition to our standard publishing offer, we have prepared a vast selection of additional services that will help you create, verify, distribute and promote your academic book, journal or any other kind of content published with Sciendo. 

Regardless of whether you are interested in publishing a paid access or open access journal, book or conference proceedings, you can always opt for additional services provided by Sciendo. 

1. Editorial services 

We will do our best to prepare your academic journal or book for publishing and printing providing professional language editing, proofreading and typesetting. We will add necessary graphics to the text, check and format references, convert the file into standard formats such as XML and create metadata. All this to save your time and effort and make your content publishable. Academic publishing with Sciendo is easier than ever. 

2. Online systems that save the time 

We provide top online systems on the market thanks to which the process of books, journals and proceedings publishing goes smoothly, seamlessly and efficiently. The online submission system makes it easier for editors to manage articles. They are therefore able to verify and approve texts, send them for reviews as well as define reminders and flag particular papers directly in the system. The production tracking system allows to control at what stage your publications are, whereas the APC collection system solves common transaction problems. The bibliographic reference management system helps you save time formatting bibliography and citations. 

3. Additional services for electronic publications 

If you want your book, journal or proceedings to be available online, you have the possibility to opt for additional services which are tailored specifically to the needs of electronic publications. The choice is wide and it includes services related to adding DOI and ISBN identifiers to electronic journals and books, publishing full-text XML articles for journals, support in ISSN registration for journals and proceedings and ISBN registration for books. We are also able to prepare books in electronic versions in Mobi and ePub files as well as provide print-on-demand versions of your publications so readers can buy your books in a physical form. 

4. Graphic design services 

In addition to services related directly to the publication process and editorial, Sciendo will help you design the layout for your book or journal. If needed, we will also create a unique cover for your publication that reflects its style and character. Our experienced graphic designers will do their best to deliver services that exceed expectations. 

5. Professional Marketing Services 

a) Article-level PR 

If you want to promote your academic journal or other scholarly materials and enhance its prestige, we can prepare a news article to showcase the research findings or reviews included therein. By posting news to dedicated, topic-specific websites, we can immediately reach more than 8,000 media outlets. 

b) E-mail campaigns 

We are able to carry out various mailing campaigns to promote your academic work among some targeted groups of potential readers, such as authors cited in articles and book chapters, as well as professional Call for Papers activities addressed to a global audience. 

c) Google Ads and SEO for a journal 

Last but not least, we can help you get new readers! Our marketing team will conduct SEO and SEM actions to promote your publications online. With our SEO strategy and Google Ads developed to improve your ranking and target customers, you will effortlessly maximize visits to the journal website.  

Sciendo is able to provide you with complex academic publishing services that support you at every stage of academic content creation and promotion. For additional information on our offer, please contact our representative or download our brochure