If you are an author or editor of an academic book which hasn’t been published yet, Sciendo can help! We publish various types of scholarly books, including monographs, textbooks, edited volumes and much more. As a scholarly book publisher, we provide a wide array of services from professional book editing through pre-press production and printing to marketing and PR.

Why Sciendo?

Being a part of world–renowned scholarly publishing house based in Germany, De Gruyter Group, Sciendo can offer world-class publishing solutions and services that meet the highest industry standards. We publish all types of academic books written in English and German in both traditional and open access form. With more than 1,300 books and proceedings published yearly and about 100,000 published in total as De Gruyter, we’re known to be one of the most active global scholarly book publishers.

Book publishing methods

With us, you always have the possibility to decide whether you want to make the book openly accessible online or make money from book sales. We currently offer the following scholarly books publishing models:

  • Open access books – By choosing this publishing model, you can provide all potential readers with constant and free access to your academic book. The printed versions of the books are available on demand directly from the www.sciendo.com website.
  • Commercial books – Books issued in a traditional paid-access model are sold by Sciendo as e-books and print-on-demand books directly from sciendo.com as well as through Sciendo’s global distribution channels.

Services overview

If you would like to publish your academic book yourself, please read our Self-publishing offer. Alternatively, we can offer our standard publishing service, if your university or another sponsor is to finance the publication. For this option, Sciendo provides publishing services and solutions and charges a fee.

Depending on the selected model and range of additional services, Sciendo will make the scholarly book publishing process smooth and hassle-free:

  • Hosting services – All academic books published by us are available through the Sciendo online platform, where they are given their own websites. They can easily be read, searched and purchased online. Thanks to our technology, all links to linkable references are generated automatically, which enhances the reading experience.
  • Production services – For full-publishing authors choosing the Classic and Premier packages model and self-publishing authors who add additional services for a fee, Sciendo offers proofreading and typesetting. In the course of the latter, we will make your book’s interior look professional, which in turn will increase the reading experience.
  • Editorial services – Thanks to our copy-editing and language editing solutions, you can be sure that your academic book is written in perfect language. These services are offered at three different levels: from light through medium to heavy editing carried out by a native English speaker specializing in the topic of your academic book.
  • Printing services – All scholarly books published by us can be purchased as printed copies. The scope of our academic book publishing therefore includes the preparation of print-on-demand files.
  • Abstracting and indexing services – We cooperate with scholarly databases that index books to make your title visible and searchable online. We provide the databases with academic book metadata and manage the indexing processes.
  • Marketing services – Proper marketing is essential if you want to promote your academic book online and offline. We have therefore prepared a set of marketing services to help you to promote your title and reach people interested in the covered topics.
  • Sales and distribution services – Over the last years, our scholarly book publishing house has devised ways to sell and distribute academic books very efficiently. We have established cooperation with world-known companies and distribution centres that support our activities.

Please download our brochure for more information. Institutions and authors interested in learning more about our services and relevant fees should contact our representative for their territory, to meet and discuss the terms.